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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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    Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
    V6A 1T6
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    Blim retail consists of unique cosmic apparel handmade and hand printed exclusively by Blim. All product is made in our Blim studio and print shop. We also have a very selective line of vintage and dead stock as well at

    Imagined at age 4, Blim founder Yuriko Iga created her imaginary animal kingdom of humanized animals wearing funky clothes called Blim Blim. She kept her imaginary world a secret until her early adult years. She eventually realized that she wanted to share her vision with the rest of the world. She dropped the other Blim and made it one.

    Yuriko is very inspired by early 80's hip hop style, japanese pop aesthetic, avant garde fashion, new wave music, animals, 80's graphics, candy, and bright colors. We hope you enjoy this too!

    For Blim's collection of CATS ONLY CLOTHING. BLIM's Online Shop at

    and now Blim has an INSTAGRAM for all Japanese Specialty items.
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